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Playground craft and material description

Pillar material
Anti-rust electrostatic powder coating
a. Material: galvanized tube aluminum tube
b. The company provides outdoor equipment products with electrostatic powder coating surface treatment to ensure that the column is used for a long time under harsh environment, will not rust, and has good oxidation resistance even if the surface coating is damaged.
b. Pillar size (thickness 3.0-3.2 mm, diameter 89 mm, 114 mm and 127 mm. Only the children's center series is 89 mm. The ship series, the tree house series, the pirate ship series is 127 mm, and the other series are 114 mm.
c. According to international standards, high electrical resistance and tensile strength can reach 19.4 KGF / mm2.
d. Surface treatment: Electrostatic powder coating is non-toxic, low in metal content, meets the safety standard ASTM F963-07 (Article 8.3), and passes the heavy metal content standard.
That is to prevent discoloration: the powder coating is added with an anti-UV stabilizer to ensure a bright color for a long time.
2. Deck/platform materials
a. Steel, thickness 2.0mm / 2.5mm
b. Cold rolled steel technology
c. Deck size 1165 cm or 1220 cm
d. Safety: Drill holes in the US Playground Safety Standard ASTM and European Playground Safety Standard EN 1176 Part 1 to remove moisture and protect children's fingers from injury.
e. Design: “X” shape at the bottom of the deck, load bearing, weight gain.
f. Surface treatment: using electrostatic processing, anti-skid and anti-rust. We use advanced US impregnated PVC processing to ensure fastness. The impregnation thickness is about 4-5 mm. PVC material is the best material in Germany.
3. Metal fittings (including steel, etc.)
a. thickness 3.0mm
b. Surface treatment: prevent smooth treatment, electrostatic spraying.
c. Material: 3.0mm thick galvanized with international quality standard. Ensure safety and strength. Surface treatment: Electrostatic spraying of galvanized pipe, plus surface heat treatment and electrostatic non-toxic powder coating, prolong the life of protective coating and prevent metal oxidation.
d. Discoloration: Add anti-UV stabilizer to the powder coating to keep the color long and bright.
4. Plastic parts
a. Engineering plastics add anti-UV stability and antistatic agent
b. Surface treatment: molded surface
c. Using COMPOOUND expertise in Samsung or New Zealand CONTENE, mixing toner and polyethylene materials, making color and substrate inseparable in the production of coil molding. In this way, elements such as anti-UV, anti-fading, and static electricity are not lost for a long time. Unlike some factories that only mix color powder with polyethylene materials. The color will not fade in 3 to 5 years, and the UV fastness will reach 8 levels.
d. Mold surface treatment: Molded surface treatment, showing high quality and scratch resistance.
5. Fasteners
Stainless steel semi-circular head or T flat screw. Surface treatment: mechanical polishing.
The screw holes are specially designed to make them difficult to loosen, preventing any adjustment function and preventing theft.
6. Ring
a. Aluminum alloy material.
b. Mechanical polishing surface treatment. After the surface is polished, it is treated with an electrostatic powder coating.