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Outdoor fitness equipment Material Description

1. Pillar material

a. Material: galvanized pipes
our company provides outdoor equipment products of electrostatic powder spraying surface treatment to ensure the pillar could be used in bad environments at long time without rust and high oxidation resistance, even in the case surface coating were destroyed.

b. Pillar size (thickness 2.5.-3.0 mm, diameter 32mm, 48mm, 89mm and 114mm)

c. According to international standard, achieve high resistance and tensile strength can achieve 19.4 KGF/mm2.


d. Surface treatment: electrostatic powder spraying non-toxic with low content of metal material, comply with the safety standard ASTM F963-07 (Clause 8.3) criterion, pass heavy metal content standard.


e. Prevent discoloration: powder coating materials added anti-ultraviolet stabilizer, ensure keep bright colors at long time.


2. Metal parts and accessories material (including steel, etc.)

a. Welding thickness 2.5mm, welding surface treatment: Prevent slippery treatment, electrostatic spraying.


b. Material: adopt international high quality standard specification 2.5mm thickness galvanization. Ensure safety and intensity. Surface treatment: electrostatic slippery spraying on galvanization tube, plus surface heat treatment and electrostatic non-toxic powder coating that prolong protection coatings life, prevent the metal from oxidation.


c. Discoloration: powder coating materials added anti-ultraviolet stabilizer, keep the colors long and bright.

4. Seat, pedal and bearing accessories.

a. Seat material: adopt imported Samsung HDPE material. CONTENE use COMPOOUND professional technology, mixed color powder and polyethylene material, that the color and substrate can be inseparable while roll-plastic production. In this way, the anti-ultraviolet, anti-fade, static and so on elements will not lose in long time. It is different from some factories that only mix color powder with polyethylene material. Color will not fade in 3 to 5 years, uvioresistant color fastness achieve 8 levels.


b. Mould surface treatment: adopt molded surface processing, show high quality feeling and anti-scrape.


c. bearing standard: within international standard of GB/T207 3-20056205-2Z, low friction coefficient. Various sizes and shapes are available.

5. Fasteners: stainless steel semicircle head or T flat screw. Surface treatment: mechanical polishing. There is a special design on screw hole which makes it is difficult to loosen screws.